Training in Japan and Taiwan led to the birth of the Taiko Life performance, a show from the first and only professional taiko zen drumming group in Israel. 


Taiko Life's style of drumming is unique, combining powerful Japanese drumming techniques with meditative zen drumming.


The team follows a training program which is based on the principles of movement from the world of martial arts, meditative zen drumming and meditation that promotes a deep awareness of one's body and energy, resulting in drumming which is flowing and exact, powerful and releasing.


The Taiko Life performance combines traditional and modern drumming, precise and harmonious, and is channeled to the audience on four levels: musically, visually, physically, and spiritually.


The taiko drums have a unique frequency which can be felt throughout the body, releasing energy which heals, while the rhythms and movements touch the soul and reconnect us with our base origins.

The team plays on big taiko drums in different positions, and the pieces played are powerful and at times physically challenging, combining knowledge of movement from the world of marital arts from within a conscious meditative state.

The show can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages.

Taiko Life performs on stage in various cultural social and business events. These include official embassy event openings, company seminars, festivals, fashion shows, independence day celebrations, private events, etc. 

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