First and only dojo in Israel
for taiko drumming & zen drumming

Regularly scheduled professional courses for all levels. Students practice meditation, flexibility, coordination, movement, drumming techniques, and group drumming pieces.

New round of courses starting in October 2020.
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A training program developed from a set system of techniques to optimize the learning method and allow each student to develop their abilities in taiko drumming in order to play and perform.

Courses work on the following:

better energy flow

improvement of stability and physical awareness

flexibility and balance

aerobic fun that combines rhythm and music

improvement of coordination and sense of rhythm

combining personal and team work

inner balance

discipline, respect for oneself and the other


Must-see for those thinking to take a Taiko course!!! 

Contact 054-665-0503 with any questions!

Courses are conducted in the Taiko Life Studio
Gazit St. 11, 1F, Studio No.24
Sgula, Petach-Tikva
Courses are conducted in the Taiko Life Studio
Gazit St. 11, 1F, Studio No.24
Sgula, Petach-Tikva

Workshops are being held continuously, in all of Israel, and can be scheduled as part of events such as birthdays and private parties. They can be tailor made to suit any event, and any age group. 

Our workshops are professional, energetic and unique; with the backdrop of a story, and a small performance for overall understanding, the experience is unforgettable.

The workshop includes: an introduction of the instructors and a short performance,  light meditation together which is followed by an enjoyable and challenging warm up, base drills, and the learning of a fun taiko drumming piece together. 

All the equipment for the workshop is provided by us.

The workshop is perfect for those in music, in martial arts, for music and rhythm lovers, those interested in asian culture, and anyone who is willing to try something new, energetic and fun!

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