Studied and trained in music and martial arts from a young age. In Taiwan, Nitay joined the zen drumming team, U-Theatre, living in the group training centre situated on the top of a mountain outside Taipei, where he trained intensively with the group members. After specializing in the basics of Taiwanese-style zen drumming, Nitay relocated to Japan in order to train and continue specializing with leading Japanese taiko drumming groups such as Shidara, Ondekoza and Hiryu. He then moved back to Taiwan to teach and continue collaboration works with U-Theatre members.

After 5 years, Nitay returned to Israel to establish Taiko Life Israel.

Nitay Zelinker, founder of Taiko Life Israel

Born in Japan, Maho was exposed to music and traditional taiko drumming from early on. As a teen, Maho played the tuba in an orchestra, studied musical rhythms and gained a deep understanding of the “base” role. After completing her academic studies in Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts in Kyoto, Maho moved to Taiwan, her mother’s birthplace, to study and improve her Chinese. There she met Nitay, and was again exposed to the world of taiko drumming, and began training and performing alongside Nitay in Taiko Life in Israel.

Maho is a sushi chef, trained at the Tokyo Sushi Academy, and today works as a sous chef at the famous Minato restaurant in Israel. 

Maho Sato

Born in in Japan and moved to Israel at the age of 16. After completing her academic studies in the Hebrew University, Einat returned to Japan. In Tokyo, she completed her architectural studies in the Chuo Engineering College, and then worked in international building project management companies throughout the years. Inspired by a taiko performance she saw by Sen Amano & Arahan, Einat began studying taiko at the Miyabi Arashi Taiko School under Igarashi-sensei. After 6 years, Einat joined the Miyabi Arashi Performing Group, in which she continued her studies and performed for an additional 5 years before returning to Israel.

Today, she free lances as an architectural designer in parallel with her work in Taiko Life Israel.

Einat Chitayat

Graduate of the Israel Academy of Music of the Tel-Aviv University, specialising in the contrabass, and for years was the principal contrabass player in the Israeli Chamber Orchestra. Orit was also a member of the Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble, and continues to perform with leading orchestral groups in Israel, in collaboration with local and international stars. Orit also specializes in reflexology and Sujok, and has been treating patients for 15 years in her private clinic. 

The power and the energy of the taiko drum has moved Orit to study taiko and today performs together with Taiko Life Israel.

Orit Zelniker
Miho Kataoka

Miho grew up in Kyoto, Japan, surrounded by traditional culture. Exposed to music since childhood, she began playing the shinobue, a Japanese traditional bamboo flute, when she heard it being played by a Japanese artist. She recalls how her soul was stirred by the experience: “When I heard the sound, though I was very far from Japan, the smell and the sound of bamboo trees, the wind and the waves, the nature of Japan, was present before my eyes.”  

Since then, playing flute became part of her life. Her link to the bamboo flute is not only from Japan but also from India where she studied Indian Classical Dance and performed intensively as a dancer. 

Miho also specializes in Japanese ceramic art since completing her studies in Kyoto city University of Art. Her  collection is exhibited in the Tikotin Museum and her works are sold in several museum shops in Israel. She also gives lectures and teaches language at a University in Israel. 

Musician, world music seminar leader

"Tzlilei Olam"

Alon's initial exposure to music was at the local family synagogue where he learned ancient prayers passed on in his family in the tradition of the Yemenite Jews. He then travelled to different countries where he trained under famous teachers on wind instruments such as the Ney in Turkey and the Bansuri in India.

Today Alon performs with various world music ensembles  and conducts rhythm seminars and meditative music seminars using unique instruments from the far east. He also makes appearances for organizations and educational institutions.

Alon Nataf
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