Introduction to Japanese Taiko Drumming -  

a workshop using the Taiko Life Israel Learning Method


A session lasting about an hour and a half in which we will experience a taiko lesson for the first time.

The setup of the workshop will be similar to a lesson from the course -

 sitting meditation 

 body and coordination practice

taiko drumming



It is important to remember -

the workshop is NOT a test of yourself in any way!

Inhibiting thoughts about ourselves are what we practice to minimize in the course -  to pay attention to ourselves and not give them power.

The purpose of the workshop is to confirm that this is a place where you can develop and enjoy, get to know the teacher, the training method, and light your flame of interest for learning taiko drumming.


Learning is a process, and the course is built gradually -

each lesson is like a little journey.

So if you want to know if the style is right for you, sign up for the workshop.


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