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Professional Taiko Drumming Team

The Taiko Life Show

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Taiko Life Israel is a professional Israeli taiko drumming team founded by Nitay Zelniker after years of training in Japan and Taiwan with leading taiko drumming groups. The team includes Maho Sato, Einat Chitayat, Orit Zelniker, Miho Kitaoka and Eti Zohar Abromovitz on flutes. The team's style of drumming is unique, combining powerful Japanese drumming techniques with meditative zen drumming from Taiwan. Taiko Life follows a training program based on meditation, the principles of movement from the world of martial arts, and meditative zen drumming - all which promote a deep awareness of one's body and energy, and results in drumming which is flowing and exact, powerful and releasing.


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לאחר מסע אימונים ביפן וטאיוון, נולד מופע של הקבוצה הראשונה והיחידה בישראל לתיפוף זן ותיפוף יפני. 

מופע מבוסס על יסודות אומנויות הלחימה, מצב תודעה מדיטטיבי, עוצמה ואנרגיה אדירה. 

הקבוצה מנגנת על תופי Taiko ענקים בתנוחות נגינה שונות, במקצבים ותנועה שחודרים ללב, המעוררים ומחברים אותנו חזרה למקור.

לינק לסרטון על טאיקו לייף

The Taiko Life performances deliver to the listener a unique experience of power and unity, awareness and reflection channeled through four senses: the auditory, visual, physical and spiritual. The powerful taiko drumming pieces combine deep examination of musical rhythms with knowledge of movement from the world of martial arts in meditative consciousness.



Taiko Life Israel (Nitay Zelniker - founder and lead taiko drummer, Maho Sato - taiko drums, Einat Chitayat - taiko drums, Orit Zelniker - taiko drums & contrabass, Alon Nataf - Shinobue & Shakuhachi flutes) introduces its powerful zen drumming with tracks which include collaborations with Noa Zulu - master didgeridoo artist and Tsvia Bar Abarbanel - award winning singer and artist. 


The Opening Key is an exciting project studying the endless possibilities of fusion between the noble beauty of various and rich musical cultures with Taiko Life's unique style of taiko drumming.

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