Student Concert this February 2021!
Details to follow, so stay tuned!
Welcome to the one and only
Japanese Taiko drumming course in Israel!!

Delivered by the founder of Taiko Life Israel

Nitay Zelniker

who trained with the world's leading teachers and groups and dedicates his life to this style of taiko drumming

What does a person need for a healthier, more fulfilling life?​

We know that healthy living must include music, exercise, inner work and social interaction.


This course will  accompany you for 13 weeks, providing you with that missing piece you need.

Allow yourself this gift of connecting to the flow of life through movement, meditation and energetic full-body drumming on one of the most ancient and powerful instruments in the world.

Through the healing vibrations of Taiko while training in an orderly and structured manner with professional guidance, this course will be a support for your development and a place to produce and receive inspiration and energy.

No previous experience required. 

In the course, you will learn the step-by-step basics that every Taiko drummer should know: 

- how to use the body properly in order to produce power with a minimum amount of effort.
  - how to produce quality sound from the drum

We will practice flexibility, coordination, awareness of the body using Tai-chi and meditation
  We will learn 6 drumming techniques on which all the other techniques are based.
  We practice keeping pace while listening to the environment,
We will even jump into deep waters and play a whole taiko piece

   But most importantly!

We will release inhibiting thoughts and ride the wave of rhythm and energy to a more complete place for you.

Take a look what you will be able to play by the end of the course

Courses are now in session.

Please click here to leave your contact details and we will reach out to you before our next round of courses which will start right after Passover 2021 !

"I was always looking for a place to practice and develop, and not only on a technical level-

for a way of life that combines music with physical and mental ability, which will be fun but not a neighborhood "

It is definitely a sentence that has accompanied me for years


Hello, I am Nitai Tzelniker, the founder of Taiko Life Israel.

From a young age I experimented with learning various musical instruments and martial arts but never felt I had found my way, a framework where I could enjoy but there would be results, learning technique but also far beyond.

I have always been attracted to Japan - discipline, precision, aesthetics and diligence are theirs.

I felt a connection to the meditation and philosophy of life of the East,
And of course the martial arts - my first dream was to practice in the Shaolin monasteries in China!

I was exposed to the taiko drums in the movie "The Drummer" -

The musicians expressed the music in powerful drumming movements, and besides drumming we practiced kung fu taichi and meditation.

The frequency of Zen drummers was exactly what I was looking for all my life! "

And so I decided to leave everything and embark on a journey to the mountains of Taiwan and the villages of Japan, with the goal of devoting my life to learning a new way of life.

I was dealing with a new language, grueling training, a completely different culture and a lot was not known ..

And today, I'm happy to tell you that there's no need to leave everything and drive,

Because we are here and we have the tools and the ability to help you make that dream come true

Our course will allow you to practice and develop in all walks of life in parallel with your sustaining routine

A training program developed from a combination of techniques from Japan and Taiwan to streamline the learning method and allow each student to develop his or her abilities in taiko drumming in order to play and perform.

The lessons provide:

Improved energy flow

Improving stability and physical awareness

Flexibility and balance

Strengthening the body - arms, back, abdomen, legs, neck.

Aerobic pleasure that combines rhythm and music

Improving coordination and sense of rhythm

Collaboration with a group - individual and group enjoyment

Finding an inner balance

Discipline, respect and self-confidence

Every person feels the need to express him or herself, to evolve, to be around people who "see" them for who they are, to give and receive love.
And although there are many reasons why one may not succeed in this, we should focus instead and on the way to achieve it - on practice, as all of life is actually practicing.

In order to move in the harmony of life I must act on two planes - the plane of motion in the physical world and the plane of motion in the inner world which is also spiritual. When I am in sync with the wave, aware of and overcoming the inner vortices, the movement forward towards development and self-expression is natural, and my environment gradually adapts itself to me. So what is it like to be in sync with the wave? Knowing that my (inner) nature is already in harmony, and that the more I listen to my needs and accept myself, the more I am in sync with the wave naturally. The limiting beliefs will weaken, I will start acting, and the fear of the unknown will dissipate and be replaced by confidence, inner happiness and the giving to others.

To do this, one must give expression to the desire to practice and develop in something. With the help of taiko drums, we learn and practice movement and drumming techniques, while concentrating on more sensitive details, and expanding the awareness of coordination and connection to the body and the environment. While playing taiko, we learn to exert a powerful and liberating movement that is reflected in the sound of the drum and in the frequency that emanates from the drum and from us.

At the same time, we pay attention to the state of our inner self, our feelings of satisfaction or lack of success, our limitations and those points which are challenging to us. The power of group training creates commitment and an environment with a common denominator - which gives energy especially when it comes to powerful drumming together. However, it also opens for us a chance to reflect on our insecurities and tendencies for self criticism.

With guidance from the teacher, meditation, self-acceptance, being accepted by the group, determination, optimism, focusing on the enjoyment of the training in the moment and clearing the toxic thoughts - we will ascend and expand - while releasing pressure, and ultimately succeed.

We gather this process into one complete piece of music that depicts the inner flame of each individual and of the group - a piece which will eventually be performed. There we share the process with everyone when we once again meet the demons, and go forth with yet another step along the path of the tiger.

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